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Girl reported missing since 2005, 11:11pm. If you or anyone has seen her- please contact 111-111-1111. Thank You.

find me.♡

hi...♡ thnku 4 coming 2 this site..u can call me [[███████]]
..i dont got a name.
every1 has a name but it makes me a bit uncomfty 2 use my real name online..
i listed some nicknames u can call me down below, okay? maybe that'll help..

♡ u can call me..

  • 'static girl' yes..thats me..
  • 'baby noname' i dnt think any name fits me..
  • 'baby'
  • '?????????' hm?

    they r stupid names but i am a stupid girl so i think it matches well..

    ♡ brunette girl u see above is'll see it in my art alot..
    i hav a habit of making vent art and things...
    dont wrry about that figure thats always next 2 me. Its harmless [2 me, that is. but if ur a demon or a bad guy..he'll kill u.]

    i struggle with being scared alot...being paranoid for no reason & a littl bit..unhinged..
    i thnk this is just my way 2 normalize it a bit..
    or 2 atleast get it out of me..
    the creature is made up in my head..hes supposed 2 look scary. he scares away the demons and rly bad thoughts..i get alot of nightmares & im very weak in my dream realm..the only thing that ever wakes me up from them is prayer..
    God also helps me when there is no one there. ikno no matter how scary things r, im always protected by the most powerful being..

    aside from the paranoia :( i njoy writing, doodling, & being online...
    i call it 'doodling' cuz none of my art will ever be good. it'll always look lik smthng a 12 yr old posted 2 deviantart. m..sorry..♡
    i also enjoy singing made up songs in my head, kittys nd cats, nd creating...
    i dnt know how 2 describe 'creating' i fnk it ranges from video editing to cmputer coding nd anythng else tht involves self expression..
    i think- perhaps- thats y the internet is very important 2 me..♡ its a way for me 2 express myself nd i also very much luv running into what other people create..♡ either im stalking some abandoned utube channel from 2011 or trying 2 find old sites from when the internet was first all means smthn 2 me. i fnk i just lik the emptiness of it all..
    the internet is forever, its a documentation of everyone and everything & tht somewhat comforts me..♡

    some things i dnt like r bullys, sexual mediocre music, ppl who gossip, ppl who hav no personality of there own, wasps, making fun of some1 for no reason, religion mockers, trend hoppers, satanic evil things, demons, the nightmares, loud places, loud people, & yelling. m sure theres more but thts all i can fnk of 4 now..

    ♡ this girl is.. ♡

    > paranoid
    > shy
    > stupid
    > weak
    > vry very silly
    > little creepy..
    > invisible
    > awkward..
    > strange
    > missing
    > broken
    > battered
    > dead.

    ♡ this girl likes.. ♡

    > baby pinks
    > static & old vhs tapes
    > dreaming
    > sleeping
    > writing
    > doodling
    > practicing guitar
    > writing songs
    > going 4 carrides
    > weird things on the internet
    > staying up late
    > singing
    > being alone
    > cats
    > liminal places..

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